My Makeup Product Faves

As much as makeup is not really my forte, I’m often asked about the makeup products I use and how I use them. So last week I did another Instagram LIVE to share all my fave makeup products and also took some questions from the viewers. If you’re interested in watching the video, click on the play button below to watch […]


Answering Your Questions

Last week I did a very impromptu Instagram LIVE to answer some common questions I get asked on social media. I also answered some from the viewers and ended up recording about an hour of content. So many great questions! I covered style tips, makeup, fave places to shop, thin hair tips, exercise, and so much more. If you’re interested […]


Get Thicker, Fuller Hair with Hair Biology

(This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All opinions are my own.) Who thought that at the age of 50 my career and business would finally be taking off and that I’d find myself in front of thousands of people on social media daily?! And doing one of the biggest television appearances of my career. (On air in front of […]


Getting Thick & Luscious Hair Extensions is Easier Than Ever

I’ve always dreamed of having long, thick, luscious hair. The reality is that mine is, and has always been, very thin and fine. (The aging process sure isn’t helping.) While I have no problem growing it, the longer it gets, the more my hair looks like a scraggly mess – not thick, and definitely not luscious. But when I met […]


Wait! Before You Cut Your Hair, Consider This

These last few weeks, the entertainment and fashion sites have been all about the Jennifers – Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston. What do all three ladies have in common other than their celebrity status and their name? They all lopped off their hair. I wonder if J Lo’s feeling the pressure? When celebrities cut their long locks and […]