How to Combine and Wear Colours Like a Pro


If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately, you’ll have noticed a bit of colour popping up. (All of a sudden I’m obsessed!) As a result, it’s become quite clear that many women struggle with knowing how to combine colours or knowing which to wear together. If you struggle as well, read below for my 3 Simple Tips as well as 5 Ways to Combine Colours. (If it looks familiar it’s because I’ve taken it right out of my new eCourse The 6 Week Style Transformation.)   3 SIMPLE TIPS Tip #1 If you’re just starting out playing around with colour, or aren’t sure which colours to pair together, one way to keep colour combining simple is to pair pastels with pastels, jewel tones with jewel tones and…

Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 5: Dinner Dates


Not sure what to wear on dinner dates? Well you’re not the only one. Tackling Challenge 5 is a bit tough, because much of it has to do with personal style, comfort levels, where the date is taking place and with whom. (First date with a new person or date 126 with your significant other?) So there’s no one-size-fits-all-answer. That said, I’ll do my very best to help you navigate this (sometimes) tricky event. First I’ll start off with some suggestions and then provide you with a few outfit examples that’ll hopefully trigger some ideas for your next big night out. Challenge 5: Dinner Date   Suggestion 1: Look and Feel Amazing I’m going to assume that a dinner date is just that…

Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 4: Building an Outfit


One of the most common concerns I hear from women is that they don’t know how to create or build an outfit. (Which is why it’s the topic of today’s Challenge!) What they don’t realize is that putting an outfit together is as simple as 1-2-3, or in this case, 1-2-3-4-5. So if you too struggle with building outfits, here are 5 easy steps that will help youcreate the perfect outfit for any occasion:   Challenge 4: Building an Outfit   Step 1: Gather Your Intel The very first (and most important) thing you need to do before you get started is to know what you’re going to be doing, how you want to feel or who you want to be….

Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 2: Looking Bigger or Smaller


Today’s challenge has to do with appearances. The person who came to me with it, struggles to look bigger/heavier. In tackling this challenge, I could also tackle the struggle to look smaller/thinner. All one would have to do is the opposite.   Challenge 2: Looking Bigger or Smaller   If for some reason you want to look bigger or smaller, here are some tips…   Looking Bigger/Heavier • wear thicker, heavier, more structured fabrics that sit away from your body • if the fabrics you are wearing are thinner and less structured, ensure that the cuts are looser • when choosing skirts, choose those that are gathered at the waist or pleated • layer your clothing to create bulk • wear lighter colours as they make areas…