Get Thicker, Fuller Hair with Hair Biology

(This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All opinions are my own.) Who thought that at the age of 50 my career and business would finally be taking off and that I’d find myself in front of thousands of people on social media daily?! And doing one of the biggest television appearances of my career. (On air in front of […]


This is 50 – Complete 5 Part Series

On my 50th birthday I shared some photos from my birthday photoshoot on Instagram and Tiktok. This sparked a lot of questions about my diet, exercise and beauty routines. As a result I created a 5 part series that I shared on those platforms. If you haven’t seen any of these short videos and you’re interested, I’ve compiled them all […]


Thinking of Extending Those Lashes? This Girl Gives it a Go

My 15 year old daughter has the most beautiful naturally long, dark lashes. And plenty of ‘em. Me? Not so much. So after trying countless different mascaras and still feeling less than satisfied, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give this whole eyelash extension thing a go. Armed with only one piece of advice – make sure that […]


Bella Aura – The Skin Care Line That’ll Have You Hooked

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I don’t typically review beauty products. I have extremely sensitive skin and react to practically everything. So the thought of trying new products and possibly breaking out in a rash, hives or blemishes, is less than appealing. But when I heard about Bella Aura, I knew I had to […]