Just a little reminder that there’s only 5 days left to take advantage of the Free GIFT CARD* with the purchase of a Styling Session. So many women have already taken advantage of this limited time offer that I’d hate for you to miss out.


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I’ve also added included answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that I’ve received, just in case you too were wondering the same thing…


When would I have to book my Styling Session?


All Styling Sessions must be booked and scheduled prior to the end of 2016. That gives us almost 4 months to work together and it’s the perfect time to get your Fall/Winter looks and wardrobe together. You could even book just before the Holiday Party season and be the best dressed girl at all your functions.


What if your style is not the same as my style?


My personal style is irrelevant. This isn’t about me. It’s about you. I’m here to make you look incredible –  to look great and feel great – which means that you need to be comfortable with your appearance.


I will definitely make suggestions with regards to what best suits you, your shape and colouring, what would make you look current and make you look super fab. Ultimately you have the final say and we will always make the best choices that work within your personal style.


I’m on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothing.


You don’t need to have a ton of money or buy designer clothes to look great. There are so many great shops at every price point to find good quality, stylish pieces. Some of my clients only shop at discount stores and find that they have plenty of options to choose from. And they look pretty incredible too.


Furthermore, many of my clients find that as a result of our working together, they’re more able to use what they currently have in their existing closet and look better doing so. All without having to spend a dime.


I don’t like to spend too much time getting ready in the morning. Will this make my life more difficult?


Not only will this not make your life more difficult, getting ready in the mornings will be a breeze. I’m with you. I’m a working mom with two kids and a very needy dog. I have to get my groove on pretty quick in the mornings, so I don’t have time to mess around.


The beauty of learning what to wear, how to put outfits together and how to create a solid wardrobe is that you become even more efficient and organized. You’ll no longer waste time trying to decide what to wear or figure out what goes with what.


Who are these Styling Sessions really for?


These packages are designed for any woman who wants to look amazing, have a wardrobe to die for and feel confident every time she gets dressed.


They’re also for any woman who wants to either update up her look, recreate or reinvent herself, learn the principles for dressing for her body shape and would like to have a functional and solid wardrobe.


If you need help knowing what to buy, how to wear it, how to put outfits together or how to look finished and polished, they’re for you. If you’re tired of being confused, frustrated and not knowing what to wear in the morning, then they’re for you too.


Let’s put it this way. If you’re reading this, then they’re definitely for you.


Remember, the Free GIFT CARD* with purchase ends at midnight (EST) on September 10th, 2016. So don’t delay. Book your Styling Session today!