Video Quick Tip: Packing

Packing Tips

I pack for clients all the time, but I’m often asked how I pack for myself when I go away. Click below for a quick video tip on how to pack if you (like me) need to be able to create outfits on the fly when you travel.        

How to Pack Like a Pro – Lite

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Packing for a trip can be challenging at the best of times, but packing light can be down right difficult. As you’re reading this, I’ll either be away on or back from my mini holiday – 4 fun filled but surely exhausting days visiting the big-eared mouse in the F L. Travelling on my own with two kids, all their gear and three suitcases means that we’ll all need to pack light. Here are five tips that I found to be quite useful and are sure to help you Pack Like a Pro – lite style. 1. Check the Forecast Check the forecast, recheck the forecast and check the forecast again – for at least a week prior to your…