Weekly Outfit Review 15

Weekly Outfit Review

Those who’ve been following me on Instagram will be familiar with my Weekly Outfit Reviews. Where I go through each of the outfit videos I posted that week and explain the process of why I chose the pieces, review some of the new pieces I’m wearing and mention other ways to wear them. For the last couple of weeks, for whatever reason, I’ve received an error when trying to post to Instagram. Frustrated, I decided to post the latest review onto YouTube. Soooo, since I’m posting to there, I figured I might as well start posting to my Blog as well. (Then I thought to myself… why didn’t I do this sooner??? 🤦🏻‍♀️) Well, it is what it is, and…

Get Thicker, Fuller Hair with Hair Biology


(This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All opinions are my own.) Who thought that at the age of 50 my career and business would finally be taking off and that I’d find myself in front of thousands of people on social media daily?! And doing one of the biggest television appearances of my career. (On air in front of millions of people.) All while experiencing the greatest hair loss I’ve ever had. At a time when I wanted to look my best, my hair was shedding at a rapid rate. With thin, fine hair to begin with, I didn’t have much to lose. And there was nothing I could do about it. So when I heard about Hair Biology’s…

It’s SO Important, it Made it Onto Good Morning America!

Body Shape

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my Post and Story sharing my segment on Good Morning America. And you may have even watched it. If you watched the segment, you’ll know that I chatted about Dressing for your Body Shape. A topic so important that out of all the things I could’ve spoken about, we chose that. Because it really is that important. (If you didn’t watch the segment and you’re interested in catching it, CLICK HERE.)     Knowing how to dress for your body shape and vertical proportions is the basis for having anything you wear look amazing on you. You could have the most incredible outfit, but if it doesn’t suit your shape or proportions, it’ll never look…

This is 50 – Complete 5 Part Series

This is 50

On my 50th birthday I shared some photos from my birthday photoshoot on Instagram and Tiktok. This sparked a lot of questions about my diet, exercise and beauty routines. As a result I created a 5 part series that I shared on those platforms. If you haven’t seen any of these short videos and you’re interested, I’ve compiled them all here for you in this one video.