5 Easy Summer Style Staples

The good thing about summertime is that my kids are home all day and I go into summer mode. The bad thing about the summertime is that my kids are home all day and I go into summer mode. I get very little work done (did I mention my kids are home all day?) and with the constant heat and activity, I tend to gravitate towards clothes that are easy to wear, comfortable and practical. At the same time, I don’t want to sacrifice style.

Here are my picks for 5 easy summer style staples that will leave you cool, comfortable and looking super fab.

1. Shorts

Shorts are my favourite summer staple because they’re practical, comfortable and extremely versatile. You can keep them casual with a tank and flat sandals, fancy them up a little with some wedges and a sparkly T or dress them right up with heels and silky blouse.

With so many colours, patterns and lengths to choose from, there’s no reason why you can’t stay cool, be super comfy and look incredible – all at the same time.


2. Skirts

I used to think that skirts were only worn when you want to dress up. Now I know better. With so many different styles and cuts available, I find that they’re just as versatile and easy to wear as shorts (unless I’m climbing the monkey bars).

They’re also ideal for creating a look that’s a play on both casual and dressy – try pairing a printed pencil skirt with a graphic T or a fuller skirt with a tank and sneakers. The great thing about skirts is that the combinations are endless.


3. Dresses

I’m not much of a dress person, but when I find one that’s the perfect fabric, cut and colour, just try to get me to wear something else. The great thing about dresses is that they’re an instant outfit. They’re perfect if you can’t figure out what to wear with what. Not only that, they’re ideal in almost any situation or event.

I used to think that dresses meant dressy and the only way to wear them was with heels, but I’ve learned that they’re great with flats, sandals, wedges or sneakers and can be as casual as you make them.


4. Maxi Dresses

I know that Maxi Dresses are technically dresses, but I thought they deserved their own section. Why? Because they’re just so fabulous. Comfortable and versatile, these dresses are great when you want to be casual, chic or somewhere in between.

The key to looking fabulous in one, is to wear the right style for your height and your shape. I tend to look like a Smurf in anything other than a slim column style Maxi Dress and have to belt it at the hip to give me (and the dress) some shape. Once you find the right dress for you, your Maxi Dress will probably become one of the most worn summer staples in your closet.


5. Sandals

When looking for footwear this summer, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. It’s just as easy to slip on a great pair of flats or sandals, as it is to slip on a pair of flip-flops.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a ton of pairs to go with all of your outfits. Invest in good quality, neutral sandals and you’ll see how much wear you can get out of them. And how incredible you’ll look.