Every Woman Has Style

(Some just need a little help finding it.)

Ready To Find Yours?

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You’re a smart, capable woman who’s got her life together.

Yet when it comes to your own personal style, it’s a whole other story. You want to look great, feel amazing and have incredible style, but don’t know how. You’re confused, frustrated and a little discouraged.


We’ll start by assessing where you’re at, where you’re struggling and where you’d like to be.

With that in mind, I’ll show you exactly what to do to look and feel your absolute best, all with the most incredible style that translates into all areas of your life.

“Gone will be the confusion, frustration and discouragement. Replacing it will be confidence, power and complete control. And a hot new killer style to go right along with it.”

Ready To Start Your Personal Style Transformation?

Outfit Overhaul

You've got a closet full of
clothes but you:

Feel Like You
Have Nothing To Wear

Don't Know What To Buy

Get Confused &
Frustrated Trying To
Choose Outfits

(I'll show you the ropes)

Work With Me

Retail Rescue

Your existing wardrobe is
lackluster and you:

Are holding on to old
college or pre-baby

Live in your sweats

Want a fresh start or
a whole new look

(I can help)

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Skype Styling

You have clothes to
wear but you:

feel like they could
use an update

want to look more
stylish and put together

don't know where to begin
& need some help

(I've got your back)

Work With Me

About Barbara Aleks

Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

I help women discover and live their own unique style; empowering them to transform themselves from the inside out, to become the confident, sexy women they were born to be and to live the amazing lives they were meant to live.