What to Wear this Fall

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September’s here, the kids are back in school and I’m back to work. Other than some commitments with clients, I was able to take the month of August off to spend time with my kids, go on holiday and renovate my bathroom. Well, I didn’t actually renovate, but I was a pretty good supervisor. Now that I’m back at it and the weather has cooled off, it’s time to start talking Fall trends. I typically start keeping my eye out for Fall trends in the summer and while this year was no different, I really didn’t get into any deep research until a couple of weeks ago. What I was surprised to find was that many of this year’s trends were…

5 Easy Summer Style Staples

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The good thing about summertime is that my kids are home all day and I go into summer mode. The bad thing about the summertime is that my kids are home all day and I go into summer mode. I get very little work done (did I mention my kids are home all day?) and with the constant heat and activity, I tend to gravitate towards clothes that are easy to wear, comfortable and practical. At the same time, I don’t want to sacrifice style. Here are my picks for 5 easy summer style staples that will leave you cool, comfortable and looking super fab. 1. Shorts Shorts are my favourite summer staple because they’re practical, comfortable and extremely versatile….

So You Don’t Like to Shop

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I’m always amazed when people tell me that they don’t like to shop. To me, that’s almost equivalent to not liking to eat. And who doesn’t like to eat? But then I remember that we’re all wired differently and yes, there are some people that don’t enjoy schlepping from store to store looking for the perfect white shirt. If you happen to be one of these rare birds, here are five tips to hopefully make your (oh dread) shopping experience a teeny bit more enjoyable. 1. Have a Plan When shopping, it’s always good to have a plan – especially if you’re looking for something specific. I’m going to assume that if someone doesn’t like to shop, the only reason…

Friends Don’t Let Friends Look Bad

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The other day I had the pleasure of escorting my two children to the Ke$ha and Pitbull concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Other than it turning into a lesson for them on (a) the colourful and suggestive use of profanity (thanks Ke$ha) (I know, I know – what did I expect?) and (b) the effects of excessive alcohol consumption (No! Not me!), it also taught them that (c) crops tops are in (like really, really in) and that (d) some of these crop-top wearing women must not have real friends. Because a true friend (friend A) would not let their friend (friend B) wear a crop-top when it’s obviously not in their friend’s (friend B’s) best interest. Or perhaps they do…