The Second Step to Looking Great

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In case you missed it, or if you’re new to Hot Chicks, in my last post I wrote about The Very First Thing You Need to Do to look great and have killer style. Today I’m covering Step #2. It’ll get you well on your way to knowing what to buy, how to wear it and how to put it all together. If you completed the exercise in Step 1, you should have a good handle on your personal style. If you didn’t, I recommend going through the process and figuring it out. Otherwise you’ll continue to struggle with not knowing what to buy when you’re out shopping. Once you’re all caught up (or if you already are), it’s time to…

The Very First Thing You Need to Do


When it comes to looking great and having killer style, most women don’t know where to begin. If you struggle with knowing what to wear, what to buy and how to pull it all together, the very first thing you need to do, before you do anything else, is figure out what you like. What’s your style? Before you buy another piece, you need to know whether or not it’s you. You might like the look and idea of something and buy it, but if it doesn’t gel with who you are, it’s going to sit in the closet, unworn, collecting dust. Trust me – been there, done that and have a ton of clients who’ve been and done too….

The Single Most Important Investment

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Rent needs to be paid, car needs new tires, kids needs braces. House needs cleaning, dog needs walking, groceries need to be bought. Sound familiar? With so many things taking our time and money, it’s hard to contemplate investing our resources into just one more thing. Yet when it comes to looking and feeling good, the single most important investment you need to make is in yourself. Some people have no problem investing in themselves – taking much needed time to recharge, spending a little extra on the things they love. Others find it extremely difficult, making everything else a priority and finding out that at the end, there’s nothing left. Take it from someone who, for years, didn’t even…

Can You Look Good in Extreme Temps?

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You know you’re in trouble when you bump into a client and the first thing out of her mouth is, “Where the hell have you been?!?!” Uh oh. Busted. Yup, I’ve been gone. For a while. Not really gone, gone. Well, part of the time I was. Gone that is. Confused? Me too! I had a good reason to be MIA. In December, my family and I decided (last minute) to fly to BC to visit friends and family and do some skiing. When we returned home we were hit with the ice storm and lost power for a few days (brrrr, chilly!). Insert Christmas and New Years and then back on a plane for our (actually planned and long…