Warning! This Could Happen to You

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Picture this: It’s Sunday morning. You realize that you have nothing for breakfast and are just going to run to the local market to pick something up. You’ll only be a few minutes so you don’t bother getting properly dressed and/or made up. You’re in your sweats, your hair’s a bit messed and you haven’t bothered with any makeup. Because really, who could you possibly bump into this early on a Sunday? At the market, you’re rushing down the aisle, turn the corner and literally bump into… a) your ex – who recently left you for someone else. b) the person who just interviewed you for your dream job. c) a prospective client that you’ve been wooing for months. d)…

Watch Where You Put that Orange!

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You’ve probably already heard that colour is huge for Spring and Summer this year. Whether it be pastels, brights, prints or colour blocking, everyone in the fashion biz is all about the colour. But if I hear that Orange is for everyone one more time, I might just possibly lose my mind. And frankly, that is not something I can afford to do. There are certain generalized statements in fashion that make me want to pull my hair out – if I had any to spare. Comments about certain colours being universally flattering are at the top of my list. I once watched a makeup artist on television insist that peach blush was flattering on every skin tone. That’s right. A…

Wardrobe Basics

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The other day a client of mine asked me for a list of Wardrobe Basics to help her revamp her closet. While I’ve always had a mental list, I had never taken the time to write it out. I’d like to share this list with you with the hope that it might be helpful on future shopping trips or in building a solid wardrobe. While I have mentioned some colours in the list, I have refrained from assigning a colour to every single item. Some individuals might be most comfortable choosing blacks and whites for their basics, while others might chose navy blues and whites or browns and creams, etc. Colour choices are subjective and should be based on skin…

Secrets of an Online Shopper

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Living in a city with limited resources and having a penchant for shopping, it was just a matter of time before I succumbed. And now I’m hooked. Alright maybe I’m a teensy bit addicted. Oh sure, it started innocently enough – a few books here, a couple of toys for the kids there. Of course if I look back now, I could see the signs: the umpteenth pair of black yoga pants (did you know that Lululemon ships for free), the cute little tennis skirt (no I don’t play, but I do plan on taking lessons), the bright pink heels from Zappos (I mean, who doesn’t need 4” high bright pink stilettos)….

Best Places to Shop

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I am a shopper. I love to shop – shoes, gifts, furniture – it makes no difference. So I am always quite prepared when people find out what I do for a living and ask me the following question: Where is the best place to shop? What most people are not prepared for however is my answer, which is typically: it depends. Sure I could tell you to get this particular pair of boots here and that particular jacket there and if you are looking for a specific brand of item, you would be quite satisfied. However, if you are looking for a general “best place to shop” then your satisfaction level might drop a little. You see, it’s just…